TV Show Rambling : The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale

Hey there! Here’s another series of posts I’ll do, called TV Show Rambling, where I just talk about my opinions of shows, episodes, etc!!

You’ll learn about which shows I watch, and what I think of them (basically, WHY I like them). There will be spoilers, but I’ll make sure to include them under the Read More. And I thought I’d first talk about The Walking Dead (TWD), because the finale was last night. And please, comment below, or just downright send me a private email, because I want to TALK about this. I want to start debates and discussions! That’s why I’m starting this in the first place (and also to rant). So, here I go… (Note : I don’t read the comics, so NO SPOILERS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS IN THEM, OK???)

The Walking Dead season 6 finale has finally come… along with the most iconic villain of the comic books, Negan.

I don’t even know what to think, guys. I am disturbed, and anxious, and terrified. I have NEVER (and I’m not being dramatic here) been so scared of a fictional character. Negan is…unbelievable. Charming, handsome (oh yes), charismatic, smart. Ruthless, cruel, apathetic, psychopathic. The perfect villain, in a sort.


Source : Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the one who plays Negan.

Seriously, all the villains I’ve ever truly loved weren’t the typical merciless, marble-faced bad guys you usually see. No, Negan smiles, and plays, and kills. It was… My hands are shaking while I’m writing this, and my legs feel dead. It’s like I’ve run a marathon while sitting on my couch, watching this last episode. It was disturbing. [Spoilers ahead]

Since you’re all here despite the spoiler alert, I assume you guys have seen the episode already. It’s SOOOO scary how Negan is smart! I mean, he played them like dolls, people! We all noticed the pattern, how they blocked one path with a few people, and then blocked another path with even more people… Rick’s group fell right in his trap.

That was such a masterpiece! Ugh, Negan. I truly hated all of the Saviors, and I still do, except for Negan. Despite being the mastermind behind this, he’s just too good a villain for me to hate him completely (and also the fact that I’ve seen him in PS I Love You and Supernatural, and that he’s so good-looking).

Oh how I wish they’d all followed Carol and Morgan. Look at these two, safer than the rest, being helped by knights in not-so-shining armor. Although Carol’s been shot a few times and stabbed and has a mental breakdown, they have it pretty good compared to the rest of them. And *WOOPS* Morgan broke his “no killing rule”. I guess he just proved Carol right : when you care for someone, you have to kill for them also. Nevertheless, I’m glad they won’t see the beating…

And that BEATING. Oh god. I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO THINK. WHO’S DEAD, HM?? WHO’S BEEN BEATEN TO DEATH? I love all the characters present, and I DON’T WANT ANY OF THEM TO DIE. I don’t know who, so I can’t mourn and cry. Actually, I do want to cry, but not for the fallen, but for the others. Who can seriously expect them to just sit by and watch their friend get their head bashed in by Lucille?? To watch their friend get killed in such an atrocious way??? To listen to their friend’s cries as they’re being deformed beyond recognition????

I just can’t, guys… I’m so exhausted right now.

Thank you for reading this. Please feel free to share with me your opinion in the comments.


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