TV Show Rambling : Shadowhunters

Hey guys! In Episode 2 of TV Show Rambling, I’m going to talk about Shadowhunters, the TV series based on Cassandra Clare’s trilogy sextet (six-book series), The Mortal Instruments. Since the Season 1 just finished, I thought it’d be a good topic. If you are so inclined, you are invited to comment below! Again, spoilers will be put under the Read More!

I have to say : I was attracted to the show because I read The Mortal Instruments before, and I absolutely loved it. So of course I had to watch the series, to console myself of the epic failure that the movie had been. And also because I was curious of the cast, and how the director would handle all the details of the series.

First of all, let me talk about the visual effects. They’re crap. I thought, for such an anticipated show, they would have a higher budget, but they don’t. The CGI looks too obvious, and the demons look like bad makeup. It’s really not convincing. Even their super fast movements (the vampires, werewolves and shadowhunters) look like a novice tweaked the video to increase the speed. The whole visual effect thing looks so cheap, especially for such a big show; it was disappointing.

About the story itself, the plot lines have been modified a little bit, and it did get me frustrated at times, because it made me mad at some characters that initially didn’t get me pissed off at all in the books! So yes, the show unnecessarily made me dislike some actions and, therefore, dislike some characters, making me have all those bad feelings while watching the episodes! However, now that it’s back on track, it’s all good and forgiven (but not forgotten).

Now, about the casting. Simon is PER.FECT. I love him sooooo much! He’s such a dork, and a cutie, and a geek, and the best best friend ever! As we already know, of course. I think Alberto Rosende (Simon) does a wonderful job at portraying Simon Lewis, and he deserves a big round of applause for his acting!

Almost the same goes for Alec; Matthew Daddario really has the broody, cold and snappy Alec that we met at the beginning of the book series. Since it doesn’t require a lot of acting to keep a marble face and occasionally an eye roll, I’ll have to wait a little more before venturing myself on his acting, but so far, so good. The greatest advantage of having him around, though, is his LOOKS. He is positively GORGEOUS. It says so in the books, Clary even admits that he’s more good-looking than Jace at some point, but boy, they did a great job at casting him.

That brings us to Jace. Sure, he’s good-looking, blonde, and has a bad boy vibe. He even pulls off some of his trademark sarcastic, mocking moments. But never enough. Dominic Sherwood isn’t sassy, derisive and funny enough. He delivers the sarcastic comments with too much seriousness, and that takes away all the charm that I found in him in the books. That’s a damn shame, too. Dominic Sherwood could have been the man of my dreams for the duration of the show…

Now, Izzy? Much too nice. Much, MUCH too nice. She’s driven, and determined, and smart. Really, she could have been perfect…except for the fact that she’s not like the Isabelle we know from the books, whom I liked even more. Show-Izzy lacks the bite, and the snap, and the attitude of book-Izzy, who’s better in my opinion, because of the environment she grew up in : the only girl in a 3-person team, surrounded by violence and harsh laws. Anyway, Emeraude Toubia is good, considering how Isabelle is supposed to be portrayed.

I’ll finish with Clary. Oh, god, Clary. She’s atrocious!! Such bad acting!! And she always has that same, pouty face when she’s in a difficult situation…which is always. Seriously, I want her out of the show. Even her hair looks fake. I have nothing else to say : she needs to go.

Let’s finish this post on a good note, shall we? I like the show, because it’s entertaining and it’s great to see adaptations of books I adored. I’ll leave my appreciation of the other characters for another post, I think this one’s gotten long enough. VoilΓ ! Comment below if you want to tell me anything πŸ™‚



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