Movie Recommendation : The Lord of the Rings

I’m starting this series where I will recommend my favorite movies and the ones that I really liked! Movies are a biiiig part of my life; I love watching movies, being sucked in their world and their philosophy. The adrenaline, the feelings, everything they make me feel makes me a huge fan of the big screen. That’s why I want to share my love for some of them with you! Here I won’t review them, I’ll just fangirl. And try to convert you *coughs* convince you to watch them, to give them a chance. They’re just recommendations, really!

For starters, my favorite movie OF ALL TIME is Lord of the Rings : Return of the King (the 3rd one in the trilogy).

Now, I understand if you haven’t watched the first 2 movies, it’ll be an automatic no from you. So I beg you, PLEASE go watch the whole trilogy? You WON’T regret it. It’s an amazing tale of bravery, strength, adventure, hardships, friendships, love, magic, and so much more!

You know it, you’ve heard it : it’s THE fantasy story you ought to know.

I know many people say that it’s a clear Evil VS Good kind of story, and yes, I will admit, if you watch it quickly and absentmindedly, that’s how it will appear. The main villain is clearly evil and bad, Sauron is the Dark Lord. But, hey, think about it : the One Ring earned its importance because… it corrupts people. And did it? Hell yes it did, and that’s where the gray shades make their appearance. Gollum, ever heard of him? The most iconic character EVER (in my opinion) because he keeps swaying between being good and being evil BECAUSE OF THE RING. Boromir, Frodo, Aragorn, Galadriel? OUR HEROES, tempted by the power of the Ring itself. Our heroes, guys. So I repeat, no, it’s not a black-and-white story.

Other argument in favor of your watching the movie : Middle-Earth.

The world Tolkien (the author) created is so rich and deep and intricate and detailed, it even has its own history, from its creation to the LOTR timeline, in The Silmarillion (which I read also). The creatures, and alliances, and magic, and ways of life are so incredible you’d wish you lived in Middle-Earth.


*sighs* I’ll go back to my daydreaming now, but I really hope you guys give it a chance and/or re-watch it after reading my recommendation.

Thank you! Please comment below 🙂


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