Random Monday : Books I have yet to read

Random Monday is a series/feature on my blog where I will talk about, you guessed it, random, bookish stuff!

Ever since I entered the Book Community (that is, a month ago), I tried to get as many benefits as I could get from it. So, I converted my personal Instagram to a Bookstagram (@shellsea96), I subscribed to a lot of book-related newsletters (mostly publishers, but also some blogs), I started writing reviews and, finally, I signed up in many bookish community, where I could talk and get news about books. Admittedly, one of my favorite benefits was that I could now get free print books/eBooks in exchange for a review and promotion. It’s smart, on the publisher’s/publicist’s/author’s part, because they get free advertisement and free, honest opinions; and it’s smart, on the reviewers part, because they get free books and, if lucky, a lot of fun and enjoyment in reading.

Since I started, I got review requests from some authors, and, in my turn, requested many eBooks to review. Of course, since I’m still new to this, I’m not really trustworthy as a reviewer, but I’m so so so grateful to the publishers/authors who put their trust in me and who accepted to send me a review copy, sometimes even an ARC (advance reader copy)! So, to keep you in the loop, here are the eBooks I have yet to read and to review. The ones listed here and in the next Random Monday are NOT ARCs. The ARCs will be revealed in the following posts.

Note* : My most anticipated reads are marked with a *.

Note** : All pictures are taken from Goodreads.

  1. April Raintree by Beatrice Culleton


A revised version of the novel In Search of April Raintree, written specifically for students in grades 9 through 12. Through her characterization of two young sisters who are removed from their family, the author poignantly illustrates the difficulties that many Aboriginal people face in maintaining a positive self-identity.

2. Incarnation by Laura Davis Hays *


Kelsey Depuis, Santa Fe scientist, and Iriel, betrothed on Atlantis to a man she cannot love two young women bound by a single soul. In Kelsey s everyday world, three men shape her life: Myron Crouch, the boss of BioVenture Enterprises; Harrison Stillman, a brilliant colleague of hers there; and Stan Dresser, who twists her feelings with his kisses and lies. But gradually, growingly, Iriel is shaping her life too. Through dreams and visions, she draws Kelsey into the ancient realm where refusal to marry Gewil has driven her to daring flight with fantastic creatures across a strange and terrible land. As Kelsey joins other BioVenture researchers testing a new organism on a remote Caribbean island, turmoil and violence darken her fate and Iriel s presence grows stronger. Worlds shift and merge, danger grows. Past and present, vengeance and love swirl together as the seas rise up, the seas that once swallowed Atlantis. Tested in life-or-death struggle, Kelsey must face an ordeal she can survive only through great courage and deep karmic understanding.

3. Hell School: Fresh Meat by Heidi Angell


High school is hard, especially when you’re a freshman in a new town, surrounded by people you don’t understand and who don’t understand you. Sam was overwhelmed just trying to fit in. Then she is singled out with the first letter.
While some girls envy the “romantics” of this unknown admirer, Sam can tell something isn’t right. Sam wanted to just blend in, but someone’s eye is fixated on her. As the letters and bad poetry continue, so does the nagging in Sam’s stomach telling her this is not normal.
When things escalate from strange to creepy, Sam’s world becomes a nightmare. Twisted admiration is stalking her around every corner in the high school from hell….

4. Of Pens And Swords by Rena Rocford


Seventeen-year-old Cyra Berque wants two things in life: a date with Rochan and a chance to fence at the Olympics. But people with one hand don’t normally fence, and girls with big thighs don’t get the boy. Knowing that she wants to make the Olympics, Cyra’s coach sets her up with another coach, one who could take her all the way to the top, but the new coach costs more. Feeling her dreams slipping out of reach, Cyra agrees to tutor a ballerina with a rich father and a D minus in English. It’s triple the pay and triple the pain. The ballerina isn’t interested in passing classes―she wants Rochan, and she’s promised she’ll turn her D minus into a full-fledged F if Cyra doesn’t help her win the heart of Rochan.

5. Railhead by Philip Reeve *


Come with me, Zen Starling, she had said. The girl in the red coat. But how did she know his name?
The Great Network is a place of drones and androids, maintenance spiders and Station Angels. The place of the thousand gates, where sentient trains criss-cross the galaxy in a heartbeat.
Zen Starling is a petty thief, a street urchin from Thunder City.
So when mysterious stranger Raven sends Zen and his new friend Nova on a mission to infiltrate the Emperor’s train, he jumps at the chance to traverse the Great Network, to cross the galaxy in a heartbeat, to meet interesting people – and to steal their stuff.
But the Great Network is a dangerous place, and Zen has no idea where his journey will take him.

For the next eBooks, watch out next Monday! I hope you’re enjoying my first post of Random Monday 🙂


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