TV Show Rambling : The 100

Hi! How are you, guys? Welcome, for the newcomers, to my series called TV Show Rambling, where I just ramble about TV shows that I watch or that I plan on watching someday. You can consider them recommendations, if you’d like. I’m not planning on talking about a show I hate anytime soon. I hope you’re well, because I’m about to drop some fangirling about this show called The 100!

Summary (from IMDB) :

Set 97 years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization, when a spaceship housing humanity’s lone survivors sends 100 juvenile delinquents back to Earth in hopes of possibly re-populating the planet.

Immediately at the premise, you can see a morality problem here : The Ark’s (the spaceship’s name) government sends 100 teenagers to a planet they aren’t sure is inhabitable. And boom… you get sucked in a show where black and white doesn’t exist, every decision is questionable and where no character is definitely the hero.

Here are some awesomely good points of The 100 :

  • A bisexual young woman is the main protagonist (because there are a few).
  • Black people have important roles.
  • There is portrayal of strong and powerful female characters.
  • It’s morally complex.
  • Real, big character developments.
  • Survival.
  • Eye candy.
  • The ships!!!
  • There are no easy decisions.

And here are some bad points of The 100 :

  • Some annoying and useless characters.
  • The frustration that comes when characters don’t make decisions you agree with.

See the equilibrium here? No? Because there is none. The positive clearly outbalance the negative, and that is why you should watch this show. The most unbelievable thing, when I watch it, is how every decision, portrayed as good OR bad, is understandable. There are reasons behind everything, whether you agree with it or not, and the producers never shy away from explaining it. So, even if I do hate some characters, I can’t say that I dislike them because of an X reason, it’s just because I don’t agree with them and they don’t share my values and principles. I know, I know, most of the time this same dilemma is imposed in every show/movie we watch, but here, since we follow a lot of characters, we usually see and hear the reasons explained by them, in the most sane and thoughtful way. As I said, MORALLY COMPLEX.

Also, FEMALE EMPOWERMENT, anyone?? Wow, there are just so many strong women in this show. Although they sometimes fall in the “act like a man to be powerful” problem, they mostly aren’t afraid to cry, or to show emotions, or to feel deeply. They’re really awesome, and as the show gets darker, so do their decisions. But hey, they have a reason for everything, remember? Sometimes logic gets the better of them, and sometimes emotions.

We are at the end of the post! I listed all that I liked and didn’t like about the show, and I really hope I got to convince you to watch it, it’s really really good! I’ll probably make another post someday to rant about it, though. Thank you for reading this!



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