Wednesday’s Headline : Railhead – Philip Reeve

Wednesday’s Headline is a series/feature on my blog where I will share with you my current read and my thoughts and expectations for them!

This Wednesday, I’m reading Railhead by Philip Reeve! Thank you to Capstone for having provided me with an eBook of this YA sci-fi standalone.

Summary (from Goodreads):

The Great Network is an ancient web of routes and gates, where sentient trains can take you anywhere in the galaxy in the blink of an eye. Zen Starling is a nobody. A petty thief from the filthy streets of Thunder City who aimlessly rides the rails of the Network. So when the mysterious stranger Raven offers Zen a chance to escape the squalor of the city and live the rest of his days in luxury, Zen can’t believe his luck. All he has to do is steal one small box from the Emperor’s train with the help of Nova, an android girl. But the Great Network is a hazardous mess of twists and turns, and that little box just might bring everything in this galaxy — and the next — to the end of the line. The highly anticipated novel from Carnegie-medal-winning author Philip Reeve, Railhead is a fast, immersive, and heart-pounding ride perfect for any sci-fi fan. Step aboard — the universe is waiting.

Wow. Guys?? I’m almost done with this book, so I guess I’m past the “expectations” point, but WOW. Railhead is amazing. It’s kind of a cross between Star Wars and Interstellar, and the world is so majestic and intricate, it completely sucked me in.

A railhead is a fan of the particular kind of trains found in the novel. It’s like a Potterhead, get it? And boy, did I become a railhead. I think the book should have been divided in two, because it has a lot of potential to stretch the adventures into two books, but I’m not going to complain. There’s so much excitement and action, it’s really an entertaining read!

Stay tuned for my complete review (or fangirling) of this book! Thanks for reading this! What book are YOU currently reading?


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