TV Show Rambling : Shadowhunters PT. II

Good afternoon, guys! In my previous Shadowhunters post, I talked about what I liked/didn’t like about the show and some of its characters. In Shadowhunters PT. II, I will talk about the other characters that I didn’t have the space to talk about! As always, I encourage you to comment below and tell me what you think πŸ™‚

I already covered Clary, Simon, Jace, Alec and Izzy. To summarize a little bit, I love Simon, I like Jace, Alec and Izzy, and I loathe Clary. As to the why, check out the 1st post in the link above!

As for now, let me talk about Magnus. Ohh, Magnus ❀ I looooove book-Magnus, he’s my favorite character along with Simon. His eccentricity, his nonchalance, his sassiness and his heart of gold got MY heart beating. Having been cast as Magnus, does Harry Shum Jr. do a good job? Yes. A great job? No. I’m still waiting to be thoroughly impressed by him. Don’t get me wrong : I really like him as Magnus, he’s got the looks and the personality. BUT, I have a little complaint about his acting. Sometimes, especially at the beginning, his flourish seemed too forced, too try-hard. I cringed so many times during the earlier episodes. However, I think he’s getting more comfortable in his character, so I expect to see great things from Shum in the near future.

Next up is Luke. I think I can safely say that Isaiah Mustafa was NOT what anyone expected. I pictured Luke as exactly what the book suggested : calm, smart, glasses. Not this hot, muscular policeman. I’m not complaining, though. As long as his protectiveness is the same… and it is. I’m fairly satisfied with Luke, in all honesty. I like that they diversified the cast by bringing in a black man. You go, Garroway.

Moving on to Raphael! I think David Castro is doing a good job with Raphael. He brings more sassiness to the character, which I love. It’s really too bad that his acting suffers whenever he’s in the company of Katherine McNamara. It’s like she’s rubbing her nonexistent skills anywhere she goes. I dislike the fact that Raphael is a bit more present in the show than in the books, because it makes way for Simon and Clary to manipulate him so much, and I hate seeing him that way.

Let’s talk about Valentine, now. 2 words : the hell?? Like father, like daughter, I guess. Wrong casting for Clary AND Valentine. Not only does Alan Van Sprang not fit the character’s physical traits, he couldn’t even get the personality right! Valentine is supposed to be charismatic, driven, charming, cunning. In the show, he only seems sadistic, brutal, “smart”. He’s not at all the Valentine I know. With his current attitude, I’m having trouble picturing him convincing other people to join his cause. What a disappointment.

So, that concludes my final post on the 1st season of Shadowhunters! I know I haven’t talked about Meliorn, or Jocelyn, or Hodge, or Camille, or etc.etc. It’s just because they aren’t relevant enough right now OR they didn’t give me an impression at all. I hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading πŸ™‚


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