Why I Didn’t Read Today

This post was inspired by Hilary’s at @SongsWroteMyStory

I know as a bookworm and a reviewer, I’m expected to read all day every day. Hell, it even seems like publishers think so too! I’m crumbling under a pile of books I have to read and review and promote. But some days, I don’t read. It’s hard to explain to my friends, who know that I LOVE reading, why “today’s not a reading day”. But I’ll try to list all my reasons (legit ones!) that I’ve used in the past for not reading :

  1. I Netflixed and chilled so hard I forgot to open a book. Literally. Right now, it’s Gilmore Girls and Scandal that are keeping me glued to the TV.
  2. I was tired, and knew a headache would be coming if I focused on tiny little letters.
  3. I’m reading a book and I’m not into it yet. So I’m stalling. (And no, I can’t just stop reading a book; if I start, I finish)
  4. I knew I would be interrupted at some point.
  5. Homework and studying (I’m on vacation now, though).
  6. Adulting.
  7. Sleep was begging for my attention.

Et voilà! I know it’s a short post, but I really wanted to get on Hilary’s train. Thanks for reading this 🙂


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