Random Monday : Your nose in your PHONE or in a BOOK? (Print VS eBook)

Once upon a time, people would enjoy an afternoon walk, leisurely wandering amidst the crowds, getting some rest by the town’s fountain and opening a book to the page they were reading before going to sleep. Turning pages after pages, they would welcome the weight of the world lying in their hands, soaking in the adventures spelt out before them and reading to their heart’s delight.

“Once upon a time”, I said. I refer to ages not long ago, mind you. Does reading a book still exist nowadays? Yes, of course. But the coming of a new technology threatens the uniformity of this activity. With the advance of phones and tablets, eBooks have become all the more popular and are now a widespread way of reading books.

Today, I will share with you my personal experience with eBooks and books, as well as listing the advantages and disadvantages of both. It’s a personal post, which means that MY advantages may be disadvantages for you. It’s all in my perspective.


I don’t own a Kindle device or anything, I just have the apps : Kindle and Adobe Digital Editions. I downloaded them after signing up to a bunch of bookish communities that give out free e-galleys of books for reviewing. Since then, I must say I’m very glad that I have them, because I have many books I have yet to review, and without eBook readers, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to read them. As a book reviewer, it’s important for me to have everything that would allow me to access books. I’m not planning on buying an actual e-reader, though. I’m quite satisfied with my phone. Considering that I’ve been using Kindle and/or ADE for a few weeks now, I’ll tell you what I liked and didn’t like about eBooks.

  • Advantages of eBooks :

– It’s all in my phone, so eBooks are easy to carry around and light. My schoolbag isn’t too heavy, and I don’t have to go to school with a brick in my back.

– I have a nice little library wherever I go. Sure, I don’t read all of them at the same time, but it’s nice to know I have options, just in case my current read turns out to be boring, get it?

– I get free classics!

– eBooks are MUCH cheaper than print copies. This one doesn’t apply to me, but I thought I’d let you know πŸ™‚

  • Disadvantages of eBooks :

– My eyes tire more quickly when I read eBooks than when I read books, and so I get headaches when I read too much.

– My phone requires batteries (and so do Kobo and Kindle).

It’s hard when you want to get to a page, but the slightest movement of your finger could cause you to jump through 10 pages.

You can’t get an eBook signed.

No cover art and (I have to bring it up) no familiar and satisfying feel of the book in your hands. It takes away a lot of the reading experience, in my opinion.

Print books

Print books have been part of my life for more than a decade, now. Unfortunately, I only recently started to grow my own little library, so I can’t say I have many books. Most of those that I do have are ones I have yet to read. So they keep me fairly busy for the time being. I also recently started receiving print copies in the mail, from publishers and authors who wish to have them reviewed. They add up to my collection, and that’s why I prefer print copies. But personally, print books will always be my #1 choice. There’s no competition, really. They have my heart and soul. Take a look at what I like/don’t like about books.

  • Advantages of print books :

The feel of the pages beneath my fingers, guys. That would be enough for me. And the weight of a book in my arms, when I cross the street or wait in the subway, when I’m simply walking down the hall. *sighs*

– I feel like I own something, instead of just using it.

Cover art!! Beautiful, gorgeous covers; complex and interesting covers.

No batteries needed

– I can forever have my book, and display it on my shelf, instead of having it hidden in my phone.

– As a reviewer, sticking notes on a book is important if I want to keep a quote for future use.

  • Disadvantages of print books :

Heavier, take up valuable living space

– They require lighting

– They are more expensive than eBooks


And that is IT, guys. Thank you for reading this post! If you have any more opinions on the matter, please comment BELOW. If you disagree, please comment BELOW. If you wish me to write about another subject that’s close to your heart, please comment BELOW. Basically, I’m open to anything! I’m not trying to convince you to read print books or eBooks, just to share with you my opinion on the situation. Have a nice day!


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