Random Monday: Short VS Long Reviews

β˜‚ Random Monday is a series/feature on my blog where I will talk about, you guessed it, random, bookish stuff! β˜‚

Hey there!!! It’s been a while since my last Random Monday, but I’m back πŸ˜€

When I’m looking for a book to read, I often go on Goodreads to see if it’s generally viewed as a good book or not. Sometimes, I even quickly check the actual reviews. What I’ve noticed in those occasions is that I’m immediately drawn to the short reviews, because I’m lazy.

When people write short reviews (and by short, I mean 5 Goodreads-lines), they automatically put in less effort. I know because I tried. What could I actually say in those 5 lines? “It was great”, “I really liked the story”, “The characters are all likable”, “But I didn’t like the plot twist”, etc. Short and simple. It was much easier for me, yes! I had the perks of stating my opinion, but keeping it lowkey and time-saving.

But what am I looking for in a review? When I’m genuinely interested in the book, whether I read it or not, I want to know what people thought, what they liked, what they disliked. I want to read constructive arguments as to why that wasn’t good and this was. I don’t want an overview, I want the details. Of course, if I’m merely curious about a novel, a short review would be enough, but…

That’s why my reviews are long-ish. It’s important, for me, to tell you the why to my opinions, so that you can get a complete idea of what I’ve been going through. I know I sometimes get lazy to read them, because there are so many letters and words and paragraphs. But the thing that makes long reviews bearable is an organized structure.

You can go about it in many ways:

  • What I liked / What I disliked / Would I recommend
  • Bullet points
  • Characters / Plot / Writing
  • Fanart / Gifs / Drawings in between paragraphs
  • Bolding key phrases

Really, you can structure your reviews in many ways; those are just the ones that I encountered.

(My way to write reviews is theΒ Bolding key phrases)

Anyway, thanks for reading this!


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