TV Show Rambling: 13 Reasons Why

Hey, everyone! Welcome back to my TV Show Rambling, where I just ramble about TV shows that I watch or that I plan on watching someday. Today’s spotlight will be on 13 Reasons Why.

Summary (from IMDB) :

Follows teenager Clay Jensen, in his quest to uncover the story behind his classmate and crush, Hannah, and her decision to end her life.

Produced by several producers including Selena Gomez, 13 Reasons Why started off as a novel by Jay Asher, published in 2007. At the time, it was my favorite book, and (hehe) I’m proud to say that my passion spread to my classmates! But, as I grew older, and became more interested and aware of psychology, I came to realize that 13 Reasons Why wasn’t a good depiction of a suicide-inclined teenage girl. Actually, some of the things happening in the book didn’t even add up together. And all of these points, plus many others, can come down to one simple sentence.

This novel glorifies suicide.

You know all those memes of “Welcome to your tape”? Yeah, that’s how ridiculous, and easy-sounding, it was, for Hannah.

Knowing the storyline didn’t change from the book, I started watching the show just because I was curious. It’s actually pretty entertaining, you know, in the sense of a drama-teenage show. I actually like Hannah better in the show than in the book. She’s cleverer, funnier. She’s so pretty also! Clay is just as erased as I remember him to be, so I really don’t mind him. Actually, I think the acting is pretty good, the screenplay adaptation as well. It’s well done!

But if you’re looking for a real, good series, 13 Reasons Why wouldn’t be my recommendation. It’s unrealistic, it’s popcorn TV. I admit there are some pretty strong messages about bullying and slut-shaming and etc., and I totally support them. But the whole synopsis is about “why” she committed suicide, so that’s what I’m focusing on.

I think it’s pretty sad that someone, somewhere, accepted to spread this nonsense. I think 13 lowkey encourages suicide. But hey, as long as you’re just here for the entertainment, and aren’t gullible, naive, then I guess you could watch it!

Thank you for reading this! Feel free to comment 🙂


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