TV Show Rambling: 13 Reasons Why

Hey, everyone! Welcome back to my TV Show Rambling,Β where I just ramble about TV shows that I watch or that I plan on watching someday. Today’s spotlight will be onΒ 13 Reasons Why.

Summary (from IMDB) :

Follows teenager Clay Jensen, in his quest to uncover the story behind his classmate and crush, Hannah, and her decision to end her life.

Produced by several producers including Selena Gomez, 13 Reasons Why started off as a novel by Jay Asher, published in 2007. At the time, it was my favorite book, and (hehe) I’m proud to say that my passion spread toΒ my classmates! But, as I grew older, and became more interested and aware of psychology, I came to realize that 13 Reasons Why wasn’t a good depiction of a suicide-inclined teenage girl. Actually, some of the things happening in the book didn’t even add up together. And all of these points, plus many others, can come down to one simple sentence.

This novelΒ glorifies suicide.

You know all those memes of “Welcome to your tape”? Yeah, that’s how ridiculous, and easy-sounding, it was, for Hannah.

Knowing the storyline didn’t change from the book, I started watching the show just because I was curious. It’s actually pretty entertaining, you know, in the sense of a drama-teenage show. I actually like Hannah better in the show than in the book. She’s cleverer, funnier. She’s so pretty also! Clay is just as erased as I remember him to be, so I really don’t mind him. Actually, I think the acting is pretty good, the screenplay adaptation as well. It’s well done!

But if you’re looking for a real, good series, 13 Reasons Why wouldn’t be my recommendation. It’s unrealistic, it’s popcorn TV. I admit there are some pretty strong messages about bullying and slut-shaming and etc., and I totally support them. But the whole synopsis is about “why” she committed suicide, so that’s what I’m focusing on.

I think it’s pretty sad that someone, somewhere, accepted to spread this nonsense. I think 13 lowkey encourages suicide. But hey, as long as you’re just here for the entertainment, and aren’t gullible, naive, then I guess you could watch it!

Thank you for reading this! Feel free to comment πŸ™‚


TV Show Rambling : Shadowhunters PT. II

Good afternoon, guys! In my previous Shadowhunters post, I talked about what I liked/didn’t like about the show and some of its characters. In Shadowhunters PT. II, I will talk about the other characters that I didn’t have the space to talk about! As always, I encourage you to comment below and tell me what you think πŸ™‚

I already covered Clary, Simon, Jace, Alec and Izzy. To summarize a little bit, I love Simon, I like Jace, Alec and Izzy, and I loathe Clary. As to the why, check out the 1st post in the link above!

As for now, let me talk about Magnus. Ohh, Magnus ❀ I looooove book-Magnus, he’s my favorite character along with Simon. His eccentricity, his nonchalance, his sassiness and his heart of gold got MY heart beating. Having been cast as Magnus, does Harry Shum Jr. do a good job? Yes. A great job? No. I’m still waiting to be thoroughly impressed by him. Don’t get me wrong : I really like him as Magnus, he’s got the looks and the personality. BUT, I have a little complaint about his acting. Sometimes, especially at the beginning, his flourish seemed too forced, too try-hard. I cringed so many times during the earlier episodes. However, I think he’s getting more comfortable in his character, so I expect to see great things from Shum in the near future.

Next up is Luke. I think I can safely say that Isaiah Mustafa was NOT what anyone expected. I pictured Luke as exactly what the book suggested : calm, smart, glasses. Not this hot, muscular policeman. I’m not complaining, though. As long as his protectiveness is the same… and it is. I’m fairly satisfied with Luke, in all honesty. I like that they diversified the cast by bringing in a black man. You go, Garroway.

Moving on to Raphael! I think David Castro is doing a good job with Raphael. He brings more sassiness to the character, which I love. It’s really too bad that his acting suffers whenever he’s in the company of Katherine McNamara. It’s like she’s rubbing her nonexistent skills anywhere she goes. I dislike the fact that Raphael is a bit more present in the show than in the books, because it makes way for Simon and Clary to manipulate him so much, and I hate seeing him that way.

Let’s talk about Valentine, now. 2 words : the hell?? Like father, like daughter, I guess. Wrong casting for Clary AND Valentine. Not only does Alan Van Sprang not fit the character’s physical traits, he couldn’t even get the personality right! Valentine is supposed to be charismatic, driven, charming, cunning. In the show, he only seems sadistic, brutal, “smart”. He’s not at all the Valentine I know. With his current attitude, I’m having trouble picturing him convincing other people to join his cause. What a disappointment.

So, that concludes my final post on the 1st season of Shadowhunters! I know I haven’t talked about Meliorn, or Jocelyn, or Hodge, or Camille, or etc.etc. It’s just because they aren’t relevant enough right now OR they didn’t give me an impression at all. I hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading πŸ™‚

TV Show Rambling : The 100

Hi! How are you, guys? Welcome, for the newcomers, to my series called TV Show Rambling, where I just ramble about TV shows that I watch or that I plan on watching someday. You can consider them recommendations, if you’d like. I’m not planning on talking about a show I hate anytime soon. I hope you’re well, because I’m about to drop some fangirling about this show called The 100!

Summary (from IMDB) :

Set 97 years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization, when a spaceship housing humanity’s lone survivors sends 100 juvenile delinquents back to Earth in hopes of possibly re-populating the planet.

Immediately at the premise, you can see a morality problem here : The Ark’s (the spaceship’s name) government sends 100 teenagers to a planet they aren’t sure is inhabitable. And boom… you get sucked in a show where black and white doesn’t exist, every decision is questionable and where no character is definitely the hero.

Here are some awesomely good points of The 100 :

  • A bisexual young woman is the main protagonist (because there are a few).
  • Black people have important roles.
  • There is portrayal of strong and powerful female characters.
  • It’s morally complex.
  • Real, big character developments.
  • Survival.
  • Eye candy.
  • The ships!!!
  • There are no easy decisions.

And here are some bad points of The 100 :

  • Some annoying and useless characters.
  • The frustration that comes when characters don’t make decisions you agree with.

See the equilibrium here? No? Because there is none. The positive clearly outbalance the negative, and that is why you should watch this show. The most unbelievable thing, when I watch it, is how every decision, portrayed as good OR bad, is understandable. There are reasons behind everything, whether you agree with it or not, and the producers never shy away from explaining it. So, even if I do hate some characters, I can’t say that I dislike them because of an X reason, it’s just because I don’t agree with them and they don’t share my values and principles. I know, I know, most of the time this same dilemma is imposed in every show/movie we watch, but here, since we follow a lot of characters, we usually see and hear the reasons explained by them, in the most sane and thoughtful way. As I said, MORALLY COMPLEX.

Also, FEMALE EMPOWERMENT, anyone?? Wow, there are just so many strong women in this show. Although they sometimes fall in the “act like a man to be powerful” problem, they mostly aren’t afraid to cry, or to show emotions, or to feel deeply. They’re really awesome, and as the show gets darker, so do their decisions. But hey, they have a reason for everything, remember? Sometimes logic gets the better of them, and sometimes emotions.

We are at the end of the post! I listed all that I liked and didn’t like about the show, and I really hope I got to convince you to watch it, it’s really really good! I’ll probably make another post someday to rant about it, though. Thank you for reading this!


TV Show Rambling : Shadowhunters

Hey guys! In Episode 2 of TV Show Rambling, I’m going to talk about Shadowhunters, the TV series based on Cassandra Clare’s trilogy sextet (six-book series), The Mortal Instruments. Since the Season 1 just finished, I thought it’d be a good topic. If you are so inclined, you are invited to comment below! Again, spoilers will be put under the Read More!

I have to say : I was attracted to the show because I read The Mortal Instruments before, and I absolutely loved it. So of course I had to watch the series, to console myself of the epic failure that the movie had been. And also because I was curious of the cast, and how the director would handle all the details of the series.

First of all, let me talk about the visual effects. They’re crap. I thought, for such an anticipated show, they would have a higher budget, but they don’t. The CGI looks too obvious, and the demons look like bad makeup. It’s really not convincing. Even their super fast movements (the vampires, werewolves and shadowhunters) look like a novice tweaked the video to increase the speed. The whole visual effect thing looks so cheap, especially for such a big show; it was disappointing.

About the story itself, the plot lines have been modified a little bit, and it did get me frustrated at times, because it made me mad at some characters that initially didn’t get me pissed off at all in the books! So yes, the show unnecessarily made me dislike some actions and, therefore, dislike some characters, making me have all those bad feelings while watching the episodes! However, now that it’s back on track, it’s all good and forgiven (but not forgotten).

Now, about the casting. Simon is PER.FECT. I love him sooooo much! He’s such a dork, and a cutie, and a geek, and the best best friend ever! As we already know, of course. I think Alberto Rosende (Simon) does a wonderful job at portraying Simon Lewis, and he deserves a big round of applause for his acting!

Almost the same goes for Alec; Matthew Daddario really has the broody, cold and snappy Alec that we met at the beginning of the book series. Since it doesn’t require a lot of acting to keep a marble face and occasionally an eye roll, I’ll have to wait a little more before venturing myself on his acting, but so far, so good. The greatest advantage of having him around, though, is his LOOKS. He is positively GORGEOUS. It says so in the books, Clary even admits that he’s more good-looking than Jace at some point, but boy, they did a great job at casting him.

That brings us to Jace. Sure, he’s good-looking, blonde, and has a bad boy vibe. He even pulls off some of his trademark sarcastic, mocking moments. But never enough. Dominic Sherwood isn’t sassy, derisive and funny enough. He delivers the sarcastic comments with too much seriousness, and that takes away all the charm that I found in him in the books. That’s a damn shame, too. Dominic Sherwood could have been the man of my dreams for the duration of the show…

Now, Izzy? Much too nice. Much, MUCH too nice. She’s driven, and determined, and smart. Really, she could have been perfect…except for the fact that she’s not like the Isabelle we know from the books, whom I liked even more. Show-Izzy lacks the bite, and the snap, and the attitude of book-Izzy, who’s better in my opinion, because of the environment she grew up in : the only girl in a 3-person team, surrounded by violence and harsh laws. Anyway, Emeraude Toubia is good, considering how Isabelle is supposed to be portrayed.

I’ll finish with Clary. Oh, god, Clary. She’s atrocious!! Such bad acting!! And she always has that same, pouty face when she’s in a difficult situation…which is always. Seriously, I want her out of the show. Even her hair looks fake. I have nothing else to say : she needs to go.

Let’s finish this post on a good note, shall we? I like the show, because it’s entertaining and it’s great to see adaptations of books I adored. I’ll leave my appreciation of the other characters for another post, I think this one’s gotten long enough. VoilΓ ! Comment below if you want to tell me anything πŸ™‚


TV Show Rambling : The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale

Hey there! Here’s another series of posts I’ll do, called TV Show Rambling, where I just talk about my opinions of shows, episodes, etc!!

You’ll learn about which shows I watch, and what I think of them (basically, WHY I like them). There will be spoilers, but I’ll make sure to include them under the Read More. And I thought I’d first talk about The Walking Dead (TWD), because the finale was last night. And please, comment below, or just downright send me a private email, because I want to TALK about this. I want to start debates and discussions! That’s why I’m starting this in the first place (and also to rant). So, here I go… (Note : I don’t read the comics, so NO SPOILERS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS IN THEM, OK???)

The Walking Dead season 6 finale has finally come… along with the most iconic villain of the comic books, Negan.

I don’t even know what to think, guys. I am disturbed, and anxious, and terrified. I have NEVER (and I’m not being dramatic here) been so scared of a fictional character. Negan is…unbelievable. Charming, handsome (oh yes), charismatic, smart. Ruthless, cruel, apathetic, psychopathic. The perfect villain, in a sort.


Source : Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the one who plays Negan.

Seriously, all the villains I’ve ever truly loved weren’t the typical merciless, marble-faced bad guys you usually see. No, Negan smiles, and plays, and kills. It was… My hands are shaking while I’m writing this, and my legs feel dead. It’s like I’ve run a marathon while sitting on my couch, watching this last episode. It was disturbing. [Spoilers ahead]

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